INSTALLATION OR REPLACEMENT OF PIPELINE Directional Drilling, Inc. offers a wide variety of pipeline installation and or repair. Bore water, sewer, gas, electric, phone, fiber and more. Directional Drilling can be done in any and all different types of soil including dirt, clay, gravel, cobble, etc. At completion of direction drill, demobilization and clean-up takes place.
Directional Drilling, Inc. provides quality trenching and rock-removal services. BACKHOE Directional Drilling, Inc. provides an optional service of excavation and backfill for the installation and or repair for your job at hand.

DDSI has full drilling capabilities and an actual rock-throwing rig. We can drill virtually all types of rock out there, including sandstone, granite, limestone, and clean sheet. Dimensions range anywhere from 1 inch all the way up to 1212 depending on the bore.

We Can Drill Virtually Any Type of Stone